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Century Properties : Commune Village For Sale
Unit Type For Sale Price Area(sq.m.) Notes
2 Bedroom ₱ Sold Out !! Inquire for Re-opens 55 sqm
3 Bedroom ₱ Sold Out !! Inquire for Re-opens 100 sqm
4 Bedroom ₱ Sold Out !! Inquire for Re-opens 140 sqm
3 Bedroom Detached ₱ Sold Out !! Inquire for Re-opens 130 sqm
Curated Houses ₱ Sold Out !! Inquire for Re-opens 145 sqm
Two Storey ₱ Sold Out !! Inquire for Re-opens 79.01 sqm
Payment Options
Payment Scheme Term Notes
10% in 12 months, 90% Bank Finance
10% in 3 months, 90% Bank Finance (with 8% discount)
Spot Cash - With 12% Discount

Batulao Artscapes is one of the most promising real estate developments to be introduced to the country. It wipes out anything that you have thought about a revolutionary real estate development in the past. It combines the concept of art, design, and the need for livability into one.

For this reason, Batulao Artscapes is worth the investment so you can live in paradise for the rest of your life! Don’t you ever feel the need to escape home from time to time? With Batulao Artscapes, there is no need to escape from home. Everything you need to revitalize your day-to-day life is within your reach. Plus, the beautifully designed homes will offer you a premium quality of life. Now your home can your dream vacation home!

The entire development – from its amenities and the homes – is a product of a collective and collaborative work of the finest minds in architecture and design in the country. Hence, you can think highly of this development in terms of its ability to deliver cutting-edge home designs. It is one of those rare developments that put a high premium on architectural style and aesthetics. 

The beautiful setting of this development at the foot of Mt. Batulao is part of the appeal of this development. You can enjoy the warm tropical climate all throughout the year, along with the gorgeous views of the mountain and its surrounding landscape. Stop dreaming about living in a home that makes you feel like you are on vacation throughout the year. You can make that a reality when you move into Batulao Artscapes in Nasugbu, Batangas.


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